Adam Susser Foundation
Adam Susser Foundation. is an IRS designated non profit,tax-exempt organization
under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Adam was asphyxiated at birth and as a result was cortically blind
with quadraplegic cerebral palsy.

Gary and Judy Susser were married for seven years before Judy
became pregnant with twins. Both boys, Brandon and Adam, spent
two weeks in neonatal intensive care. They took them home and
thought everything was fine. It wasn't. Adam was starved of oxygen
and suffered severe brain damage, While basking in the joy new
babies bring, Gary and Judy Susser had to come to terms with
having a child with special needs. Gary and Judy Susser also began
the Adam Susser Foundation to fund the creation of special-
education programs, to provide scholarships for college students
studying to become therapists or special education teachers, and to
help create clinics that provide therapy and medical services for
disabled people. While trying to help Adam, Gary and Judy realized
that there weren't enough schools for kids like Adam. Adam attends
Elementary School, where he receives limited physical, occupational
and speech therapy in a unique program. Gary and Judy Susser pay
for additional therapy elsewhere, including visual, aquatics and hippo
therapy. They realize that many parents don't have the resources to
pay for those extras or simply don't know what resources are
available for their children.

The Sussers want to change that and try to make funds available
through this foundation.